Eating Disorder an Unchecked Crisis for GBTQ Men

Eating Disorder an Unchecked Crisis for GBTQ Men

There is an eating disorder epidemic running unchecked in GBTQ communities. Gay and bisexual-identified men are more likely to fast, vomit, or take laxatives in order to affect their appearance, and are 12 times more likely to purge than a straight man.
HuffPo blogger John Paul Brammer lends his heartbreaking insight into his own experience with eating disorders, describing his emotional state while coming out in highschool as an overweight, bi-racial young man: 
“When I came out, my mental health was fragile. I was dysmorphic, bulimic and eager to seek out validation for a body I had been conditioned to hate. But validation wasn’t what I found. Instead, I found an environment where my body was even more inadequate than I had previously imagined.
I found a community full of damaged people like myself, people who, like me, were torturing themselves to conform to a very rigid definition of beauty. I found a community where only a select few body types were considered to be ideal. I found a community that was sick like me.”
Identifying a widespread problem of eating disorder in GBTQ-identified men, Brammer prescribes community solidarity, more diverse body representation in the media, and placing a societal priority on mental health treatment as primary remedies that could deliver us from this epidemic, and prompt a healing process with men suffering from this disease. 

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