POC/Racialized People

(Racialized group)”Race” refers to the socially constructed differences among people based on cultural characteristics such as skin colour, accent or manner of speech, name, clothing, diet, beliefs and practices, leisure preferences, places of origin and so forth. The process of social construction of race is called racialization: “the process by which societies construct races as real, different and unequal in ways that matter to economic, political and social life”. Recognizing that race is a social construct, this study describes people as “racialized person” or “racialized group” instead of the more outdated and inaccurate terms “racial minority”, “visible minority”, or”non-white”. First Nations, Métis, Inuit (FNMI) groups are considered as a separate category in acknowledgement of the impacts of colonialism on Indigenous peoples” lives and, in particular, the historical relationships between state-run educational systems and Indigenous peoples.

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