Mikey Ross


Mikey Ross




Mission, BC

I identify as a


I'm an m.bassador because

1) I am not ashamed of my body, I am proud of it. It is my friend, we’ve been together since I was born!

2) I am not ashamed of being a bisexual male with a female partner and two awesome children who love me just the way I am.

3) I am not ashamed of being in my late 50’s (59 on October 1st), and want the LGBTQ2S community to acknowledge and recognize all ages of individuals in our rainbow community.  Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much focus on youth youth youth. I don’t want to be any other age than I am: 59 is cool !!!!!

4) I am TRYING not to be ashamed of being a guy who just can’t find that illusive WASHBOARD ABS tummy.   No matter how much I work out, my tummy doesn’t want to do the six-pack thing.  Sending this photo was a catharsis for me. It’s OKAY to not have the abs that they photoshop onto the models in Men’s Fitness Magazine!

Mikey Ross