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Healthcare professionals often make mistakes and medical errors while serving LGBTQI2S patients due to the lack of knowledge and training.

There are many organizations that specialize in training healthcare professionals as well as corporate workplaces on LGBTQI2S: 


Resources Books and Articles

Increasingly, there are more resources available to healthcare professionals on treating LGBTQI2S patients as well as anthologies of queer and trans patients experiences of the healthcare system:

Books and ePublications

Transgender Patients Care

Online Resources

Two-Spirit People’s Health Disparities

Racialized and Newcomer LGBTQI2S Patient Care

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  • Logie et al. (2016) ““It’s for us – newcomers, LGBTQ persons, and HIV-positive persons. You feel free to be”: a qualitative study exploring social support group participation among African and Caribbean lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender newcomers and refugees in Toronto, Canada.” BMC International Health and Human Rights 16: 18.
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LGBTQI2S Youth and Sexual Health

Intro Situation Key Issues How can you help Resources Glossary