m.bodiment Body Positivity Workshop

What is the content of the workshop?

NEW within our suite of services is our m.bodiment Body Positivity Workshop! In this workshop, we not only equip participants with the tools to create safer and inclusive spaces within their organization(s), but also ensure their understanding of a variety of approaches to body positivity in order to reduce harm to others.

For instance, discussing how racism and oppression is embedded in certain everyday language and can send the message that certain racialized bodies are threats, devalued and unattractive. Understanding how ability is different for different folks and how some of the words we commonly use are offensive to those experiencing that difference.

We also discuss the many familiar terms and beliefs around body size that are insulting and oppressive, followed by reviewing ways to avoid them in order to make people feel safe and accepted.

How is the workshop delivered?

Through a variety of activities and facilitated discussions, our trainers will illustrate the importance of understanding how our lives are shaped by the intersecting layers of our multiple identities (ex. Father, queer, Jamaican), different experiences of oppression and the implications it has on different groups of people, all with a strong focus on LGBTQ community members.

By working to name and understand some of the major body-focused language and systems impacting LGBTQ communities, including Health/Fitness and Attractiveness/Beauty, participants are given an opportunity to discuss practical approaches to addressing these topics on a personal and organizational level.

To find out more about this workshop, or any of our other services, please contact us at training@egale.ca or visit http://egale.ca/

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